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10:51 AM . 22 February 2012


tell me why: dear gossip girl writers,


you dared to dair. maybe you felt like you had to in order to keep chuck and blair apart for just a little bit. i don’t know. but do you see what came from daring to dair? you had the lowest ratings in all of gossip girl history. because you dared to dair, there was a BOYCOTT among your fans. you…

Here is what I am going to do.  You so obviously cared to tag this in my tag that is full of happiness, but I’m not going to tag it in yours.  First things first, you’re pissed because you’re a chair shipper?  Then you don’t need to tag this butthurt in the Dair tag because really you can spare us the millisecond of our lives when we scroll down our beautiful tag to see this.  Thank you.

Now onto your post.  You want to talk ratings?  We’ll talk ratings.  This entire season, ENTIRE SEASON, there has been a steady viewership, a linear trend if you will.  The seasons there was a giant dip in the ratings?  Season 2 and 3 where we KNEW Chair was together.  I’ll find the post I reblogged pertaining to ratings of Gossip Girl since season 1 if you don’t believe me.  So spare us the ‘lowest ratings in Gossip Girl history’ because it’s a bunch of hooplah.  And as Norman Buckley so happily stated ‘ratings have nothing to do with quality’.

You then go onto say that Dan and Blair have zero chemistry and they are forced together and that everyone sees it and hates it.  LOLS.  A) Chemistry is subjective.  Therefore you may say that Dair have no chemistry because you just don’t see it, like I don’t see chemistry between Derena or Chair.  B) Forced together you say?  The build up has been for five seasons.  I know you don’t believe it when we tell you it’s true, so here: Chair were the ones thrown together in episode 7 of the first season.  They had no build up whatsoever before then.  In fact Blair did not like Chuck at all, and then they have sex.  UHM……  Anyways the build up started later.  AFTER they had had sex.  Dan and Blair didn’t even KISS until the fourth season.  In season 1 they barely tolerated each other.  Season 2 DAN was the guy who gave her advice on her relationship with Chuck, and this continued on into season 3.  Season 4 we start to see them slide out of their first impressions of each other and just be themselves.  Two intelligent individuals who happen to share a lot of things in common.  There was build up.  

LOLS.  HAPPY COUPLES AREN’T AS INTERESTING?  Dan + Blair = Happiness.  They also equal witty banter, ACTUAL conversations, and pure and simple love.  You’re biased opinion of ‘daring to dair didnt work’ is absolute nonsense to be honest.  Just because it didn’t work for the fandom that you represent, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work at all.  If I may be so bold as to get you to google the New York Magazine’s review of the last Gossip Girl episode?  THEY LOVED IT.  

They have written Blair as an independent person?  It sure as hell started out that way but as the series progressed Blair’s volatile relationship with Chuck ruined her.  She was always finding excuses for him, and trying to run back to him.  In fact season 4 when Blair was an intern, the reasoning behind it weren’t because she wanted to be a powerful woman on her own.  She wanted to be powerful enough for Chuck.  Her relationship with him started to become the only thing she could identify herself with.  ChuckandBlair BlairandChuck.  She was independent, crazy and selfish before her ridiculous relationship with Chuck.  She lost her identity with him and because she felt he was the only person in the entire world who could love her (READ he made her so ashamed of herself that she couldn’t believe anyone else could ever love her), she kept running back to Chuck.  Just as she’s been doing this whole season.  Then when she realizes FOR ONCE that someone else could love her Dan loves me for me, she jumps at the chance because for once in her love life she knows she hasn’t brought out the dark in anyone.  AND SHE CAN SURVIVE WITHOUT A MAN.  But you know what she CANNOT survive without?  A friend.  And that friend was Dan who just so happens to be of the opposite gender so you managed to twist your words around and paint Blair as a complete Mary Sue.  

In regards to Chair you haven’t listed valid reasons of why they belong together, other than that they are magic or w.e.  ALSO THE OTHER IS HAPPY IF ONE IS HAPPY?  Please.  Chuck sees that Blair has kissed Dan, and what does he do?  He goes and tries to sabotage Dan.  When it comes to Blair, Chuck is completely selfish. HE’s proved it time and time again.  And a couple isn’t perfection is one of them (Blair) feels the need to be on par with Chuck.  She feels she can never be good enough for him, and he fuels that insecurity.  It’s not perfection, its complete and total destruction.

Thank you for tagging this as Dair by the way, gave me the chance to vent(: 


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04:50 PM . 21 February 2012

Ladies and gentleman, we’re almost at 200!

on the ♥ Dair Fans Masterlist

If you’re not on the list yet, message me

(To make a quick search to see if your name is on the list, go to the Masterlist post and hit ctrl+F and type in your username. If it’s there, the page will jump to it. If it’s not there, let me know!)

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170 Dair fans and counting!

We’re up to 170 Dair fans on the Masterlist. WOO!

(Sorry if I took a while to add you, I was sleeping :| slept in too long, actually.)

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10:05 PM . 20 February 2012

"Blair doesn’t deserve Chuck"

WTF is that? Girls are supposed to stand together. If your friend was in a relationship with a guy and he did the kind of things to her that Chuck did to Blair (during their whole time as a couple) and when she finally starts to move on a little bit would you say to her “you don’t deserve him”? I’m really gobsmacked right now. And disturbed.

I wonder if Chair fans agree with vintage ads like these as well? Maybe they still think it’s the early 20th century.

I wish the Chair fans would admit they only like Chuck and not Chuck and Blair.

And I hope Blair can rise above and become the strong woman she wants to be. She deserves to be.

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09:42 PM . 20 February 2012

I love how Dan made fun of Rufus’s jacket just the way Blair would.


They’re rubbing off on eachother

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Dair fans!

We have 100+ names on the Dair Fans Masterlist in 4 hours! Be added by liking or reblogging the original post.

If there are any mistakes or I miss you, please message me in my ask box and I’ll fix it.

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Dair fans:

Don’t forget to add yourself to the Dair Fans Masterlist by liking or reblogging the original post (or else I might accidentally miss you)

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The Dair Fans Masterlist

If I missed you, or made any mistakes, message me :)

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If I missed you, or made any mistakes, message me :)

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I kind of want to make a Dair fans masterlist

of all the users on Tumblr who ship Dair.

Unless there already is one.

I just want to see on a big damn list how many of us there are here xD